Benefits Administration

For more than 30 years businesses have turned to TracyCo for reliable and cost-saving benefits administration.

The Value of Administrative Services

We hear from our clients over and over again that benefits administration is the number one reason that they use TracyCo.

Our administrative services can eliminate time spent and expense for your business.  Many of these services are offered to you at no additional cost.

A Long History

We have been a third party administrator for over 30 years.  Our service offerings have evolved with our clients’ needs, the marketplace, and government regulations.

TracyCo is the established employee benefits administrator in our region.

Dealing with various insurance company invoices and billing departments can be a big headache for your HR staff.  Let us do it for you.

We offer full-service consolidated billing and premium remittance.  All lines of benefits show up on one invoice generated by us.  Then you send one monthly payment to us and we remit your premiums to all the insurance carriers involved.

TracyCo is a single point of contact for your HR staff for benefits activity.  Have a new enrollment or a termination – no need to contact 4 different insurance carriers.

Your company’s HR staff can communicate to us and we will immediately update employee status with all insurance carriers.

We put together enrollment packets which contain everything your new employee will need to understand and enroll in your employee benefit plans.

When we process a termination, offering COBRA is automatic.  In addition, if you are utilizing our consolidated billing services, we will invoice active COBRA participants so you don’t have to worry about collecting premium.

TracyCo can also provide standalone COBRA administration in certain situations. 

Spending account administration is available for our clients.  Many have utilized HRA accounts to reduce health insurance costs.

Flexible spending accounts allow employees to pay expenses with pre-tax money and are not a costly benefit to provide.

If your company is required to file form 5500 on your employee benefit plans, TracyCo can prepare and file form 5500 for you.

Technology Leader

To provide the best possible benefits administration to our clients, we developed our own benefits admin IT system.  This data and billing system is upgraded and improved on an ongoing basis.

We also partner with industry leaders to further strengthen our service offerings.  Some of our technology partners include:

  • Microsoft
  • Sunguard Relius
  • Wolters Kluwer

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