PPACA Compliance

Navigating The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act can be complex. TracyCo will ensure your business is fully compliant.

PPACA - Healthcare Reform

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became law in 2010.  It impacts our healthcare system, employee benefits, and health insurance in many ways. 

At TracyCo, we are dedicated to being your best resource for dealing with the complex law.  We provide consulting every day to keep you in full compliance.
If you have a healthcare reform question, we can answer it.

A Challenge for Employers

The law creates big challenges for employers of every size. 

Some of those challenges include:

  • Employer mandate – requirement to provide affordable coverage or face penalty
  • Employer reporting – 1095/1094 forms provided to employees and the IRS
  • Tracking of employee elections and waivers
  • Tracking of eligibility for variable hour employees – measurement periods
  • Complying with waiting period rules

Providing Solutions

We help you face the challenges of healthcare reform head on.  

You may be concerned about significant negative impact on your business.  But we have implemented plans and solutions to minimize those negative impacts and to take advantage of certain provisions of the law.

The employer reporting requirements of the law are a big administrative burden.  Creating, mailing, and filing forms 1095 and 1094 is time consuming and costly.

By leveraging our data systems and our involvement in the everyday operation of your benefit plans, we are able to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective reporting solution.

TracyCo can generate form 1095-C for all your applicable employees and mail it to them.  We generate the form 1094-C and e-file everything with the IRS.

The employer mandate makes designing your employee benefit offering even more complex.  Our focus is on understanding what is important to your particular business.  We can design a compliant offering that meets your objectives.

We can help you with the following:

  • Determine if your plan meets the minimum value requirement
  • Determine if your plan is considered affordable
  • Classify your employees to offer the right plans to the right employees
  • Setup measurement periods for variable hour employees

One of the most difficult problems with healthcare reform is that the rules are constantly changing.  Various government agencies and state governments have implemented the law and the goalposts are always moving.

We work with benefits every day and will always be current in our knowledge of the law and how it is being implemented.  

Compliance with PPACA requires up to date knowledge of the law, appropriate plan design, and documentation.  We are there in every phase for you.

Our role in administering your benefits – rather than simply being a broker – gives you a great resource.  Most documentation required for compliance issues is available in our data systems.

Our experience as a third party administrator and with retirement plans gives us an advantage over our competition when it comes to dealing with IRS filings and compliance.

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