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Medicare Planning


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Healthcare in Retirement

Healthcare and health insurance is the number one concern that our clients have as they reach retirement age.  

You may be feeling overwhelmed with the options and promotional materials that you receive as you reach Medicare eligibility.  

It is important to choose the right plan.  Even more important is having a trusted consultant who can help you choose the right plan and will continue to support you throughout retirement.

Personal Consulting

At TracyCo our Medicare experts will meet with you in person.  We will work to understand your needs and to answer all the questions that you have about transitioning to Medicare.  

Our recommendations are always based on your needs.

Ongoing Support

Helping you choose the right Medicare plan is only the first step.  We offer ongoing support by helping you resolve claims issues.  

You will be able to reach someone on the phone on any business day to answer questions about your coverage.  And we meet with you prior to open enrollment if you feel a change may be beneficial.

Many of our clients choose to utilize Medicare Advantage plans for their health insurance coverage.  We offer plans from Highmark including SecurityBlue and FreedomBlue.  

We also offer plans from UPMC Health Plan like UPMC for Life.  

We are experts in Medicare Advantage.

Sometimes Medicare Advantage is not the right solution for someone.  

In those cases, we also offer Medigap policies and may also offer guidance on the pros and cons of Medicare A and B only.

"I will meet with you in person to help you enroll in the right Medicare Advantage Plan.  And I am always available to help with claims issues and future open enrollment."

-Kelly Ross, CEBS